At The Alison Moss Group, we know the emotional hardship involved with losing a loved one and the challenges that accompany the estate process. Equally difficult is moving a loved one due to age or illness and selling their property. Managing any move prompted by health issues can feel all consuming, and that is where we can help you and your family with estate and trust sales.

We make it simple and stress free.

Our team is here to make the preparation, logistics and sale of your loved one’s home simple and stress free. Our team has a full-service support system to manage the moving process, including the removal and sale of personal property, in addition to the valuation, staging, and sale of the real estate. Contact us so we can assist you with your real estate needs.

Working with our team includes the follow support:

  • Initial consultation and property walkthrough
  • Property valuation
  • Preparing the property for the market
  • Marketing the property for sale
  • Ongoing Communication
  • Sale

We are here to assist you and your family through the estate and trust process.

“Highest recommendations to Alison Moss, who without her direction, professionalism, and thoughtfulness, a very sad situation, turned into a happy ending. From start to finish the improvements on the Walnut Hills property would have never transpired without Alison’s guidance.” P.H.  Estate Attorney – Findlay, OH 


“We stepped into a very difficult situation when a friend of more than fifty years suddenly faced very serious cancer surgery. Since her husband’s death, she had become a recluse, compulsive online shopper, and hoarder. The entire house and garage were full — wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Some was trash, some was family and personal, some was new and still unboxed. We knew our friend would not return to this house; she would be going to an assisted-living facility nearer to family and friends.

So, we were tasked with clearing the house and selling it. Several people recommended Alison Moss for a Realtor. She came to the house, surveyed the situation, asked pertinent questions, and gave us several ways that we could handle everything. She followed up by telephone, email, and text messages. When we had questions — and we had plenty — she was quick to respond.

The house sold the second day it was on the market! While the entire experience was very trying, Alison made a difficult undertaking much easer.” – C&B.

How it works.

Initial Consultation and Property Walk Through

In our initial consultation, we walk through the property with you to evaluate its condition. We offer video-walkthroughs that allow us to include anyone living out-of-town in the conversation. We will discuss your expectations on timing, price and the details of the services we offer our clients. To make things as convenient as possible we use digital contracts and can arrange remote closings.

Property valuation for probate court/trustee

Understanding the value of a home is important for financial planning during downsizing, or for the trustees and probate process. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate the home’s condition and market activity in the neighborhood. We then provide an objective and honest opinion of the home’s value that all parties can rely on.

Preparing the property for the market.

During our initial walkthrough, we take note of the property’s condition and recommend what you need to do to prepare the property for the market. If the home requires repairs, personal items need to be removed or the property needs a deep clean to be showing-ready, we will connect you with our trusted service providers. We also provide ideas for staging and recommend staging companies.

How it works.

Marketing the property for sale

We design custom marketing materials, professional photography, and virtual tours. Then we use digital advertising to get your listing in front of the right audiences.

Ongoing Communication

We work collaboratively with your attorney and all interested parties throughout the process. We provide prompt feedback on property showings. We keep you updated on local market conditions to ensure the home is properly positioned.


As soon as we receive an offer we present it in a timely manner. Once we have an accepted contract we provide you with a timeline of all deadlines to ensure a smooth transaction. We manage the entire sale process from contract through closing. Our team uses digital contracts and can arrange remote closings

Need More Help?

Sometimes you just can’t be onsite or in-town to manage contractors working on the home. Other times you need extra support to get things organized. In addition to offering clients access to our network of trusted service providers, we can also provide onsite management as an additional service. During pre-market preparations, we can be onsite to manage your contractors and ensure your home is ready to show when it goes active on the market. We can oversee the removal of furniture, a tag sale, and charitable donations.