6 Winter Essentials Before the First Snow

As the temperatures begin to drop, it is time to be sure you are prepared for the impending snow. Whether you are new to the area or a seasoned snow veteran, these are the essentials we find needed for the first snow so you are not left frantic once the flurries begin to fall.


  1. Proper Winter Attire

While this may seem an obvious necessity, you should go through all your winter gear and be sure it is all ready. Make sure to check for any holes that need patching or if you have mismatched gloves.


  1. Top-Notch Snow Shovel

Quality is the key in this category. This is something you don’t want to skimp on. No one wants their shovel breaking midway through clearing their driveways. Make sure you are getting the shovel that matches your needs. Do your research on the sizing and specifications to make sure your shovel matches your needs.


  1. Compatible Ice Melt

This is a key to making sure you don’t slip and fall on an icy day. Especially early in the season when temperatures hover around freezing, ice can be extra dangerous. Not all ice melts are created equal and can cause damage to your driveway. Check out this Consumer Report article to make sure your picking the right stuff.


  1. Multiple Car Scrapers

Don’t get caught being late because you had to wait for the ice to melt off your car. Make sure you have a good ice scraper stored in your home and one in your car. You don’t want to be stuck because your door is frozen over with your only scraper left inside your car.


  1. Stocked Up Non-Perishables

Be stocked up on the things you really want when the snow hits. You really don’t want to battle the grocery store lines when they say the first big snow is coming. Load up on soups, nut butter, and any other items that can last the test of time.


  1. Properly Stored Firewood

First make sure your fireplace is properly cleaned and functioning. Call a qualified chimney sweep to make sure you are ready to go. Then load up on your favorite firewood. Most important with having it on hand is proper storage and safety. Check out this article on the best hacks for storing your firewood.


These basics will be a great way to get ahead of the crowds when the first big snow comes in. Don’t let you household fall victim this winter.

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