Hamilton County Property Tax Reassessment

If you are a resident of Hamilton County, you should have received a letter in the mail last week, like the one at the bottom of this post, regarding your home value. I have gotten numerous calls, texts, and emails from clients and neighbors with questions about this letter so I wanted to help clarify some of the content and let you know I am happy to speak with you about any questions you might have.


How does the auditor determine my home value?

This is based on the price of recent sales of homes that are in close proximity to yours. In some cases, the appraiser will also drive by so they won’t necessarily take into account any updates or improvements on the interior unless you have done some type of permitted addition that would have already been reassessed and reflected in your valuation.


 Is this an accurate portrayal of my home value?

 Although the letter states that their purpose is to establish the market value for your property, the valuation DOES NOT indicate the actual market value. The purpose of this assessment is for determining property tax value only. This value is not necessarily a reflection of the current market value of your home. If you are curious about your home value in today’s marketplace for sale purposes, please reach out to us.  We would be happy to meet with you to provide you with a current market valuation.


How often does Hamilton County reassess the property taxes?

Hamilton County reassesses the property taxes every three years and 2017 is a reassessment year.


When will I pay taxes on this valuation?

Since Hamilton County residents pay taxes in arrears, this valuation will be effective January 30, 2018. It is be based on the value of your home on January 1, 2017.


How often can I dispute?

You can only dispute the valuation once in three years. However, if you bought your home in 2017, you will have to wait until 2019 to dispute the valuation. On the other hand, if you purchased your home in July of 2014, this will be the first time you are able to dispute it.


How do I dispute the value?

The reverse side of the form shown above gives more information on how to dispute the valuation. I am also happy to prepare comparable sales for your dispute upon request.


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