What kind of home can you buy for $300,000?

Ever wonder what kind of home can you buy for $300,000 ? In Cincinnati we have a lot of good homes for sale around $300,000. From Suburban homes, to Hyde Park bungalows, to city lofts there are plenty of options in this price range. But what could you buy for $300,000 in Sochi Russia, or Santorini Greece, or even in the Dominican Republic?


Montenegro 300,000 home

Beyond watching House Hunters international, it is hard to compare home prices across the globe. I came across this post on IMGUR that shows a few homes in some far off places all priced at or close to $300,000.


Before you pack you bags, consider all of the pros and cons of these locations including extended winters in Finland and St. Petersburg, and hurricanes in the Dominican Republic. It is always interesting to see what the costs of living abroad are, and housing is usually a good indicator.


Considering retiering to an exotical locale? I’d like to help you sell your home in Cincinnati. We should talk!



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