Build Your Home Emergency Kit

One thing you should do once you move into a new house or apartment in Cincinnati is build your home emergency kit. It is something that you only have to do once and it can literally be a lifesaver in the future. While there are emergency medical kits for sale in many drugstores, a home emergency kit should be more comprehensive. These kits are designed to do more than take care of a few scrapes and cuts.


What Should I Put In My Home Emergency Kit?

The items in Emergency Kit Alison Mossyour home emergency kit should fall into 5 main categories; Documentation, Food, Sanitation, Safety, Comfort. The truth is that every family will put a different variety of food and comfort items into their kits based on their own needs. But everyone should have similar Documentation, Sanitation, and Safety items. Click here to download and print this list and get started!



  1. Documentation

Think of the documents that you will need to prove who you are, that you own the things you own, your medical history (allergies/conditions), etc. Consider including copies of important family documents like wills and birth certificates as well as digital backup drives with family photos. Copies of the contents of your wallet is not a bad idea either.

  1. Food

In an emergency be prepared to be isolated for a few days without utilities including water and power. Plan ahead with multiple gallons of clean water, a water filter, nonperishable food, a can opener and utensils.

  1. Sanitation

Staying healthy is so important in an emergency. Having bleach and knowing how to use it to disinfect items is critical. Get an eye-dropper as well as a guide so you can keep items clean.


  1. Safety

Beyond that drugstore first aid kit think about signaling devices (whistle/flare/mirror), fire starters, and dust masks. In our digital world a large spare battery for cell phones is a must-have!


  1. Comfort

Everyone should have a change of clothing and 2-3 pairs of underwear.  Think of small multi-use items like stuffed animals for comfort and to be used as a pillow. Blankets, crayons, and a deck of cards would be in this category as well. And of course cash in small bills.


Update Your Home Emergency Kit Twice a Year

Once you have that kit made remember to update it. Charge that spare cellphone battery, and make sure the spare clothes still fit. Check the canned foods for use-by dates. and replace the water every 12 months. Being prepared could mean the difference to your family’s future.

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