Renovating A Laundry Room

One of the most common renovations I see, after kitchens and bathrooms, is the laundry room. The laundry room has to be functional, but it can also be fashionable at the same time. A number of my clients, including my next door neighbor, have transformed their mud room/laundry rooms in order to upgrade them cosmetically and functionally. If your laundry and mud room is just off of the entry to your garage you probably go past it multiple times a day. Why not make it a space you want to look at?

Renovating a Laundry Room the Right Way

This is a great example of how exceptional design can deliver a functional space that looks awesome!

Bad Design Can Ruin Your Day

Bad design can indeed ruin your day. I have been through a number of houses where bad design has ruined spaces. I have seen set-ups where dryer doors can’t open all the way because of cabinet placement, or where cabinets have permanently covered over water hook-ups. While the materials may look great the space caused the home owner daily headaches.

Begin with Function and then look to ad Fashion. The last thing any homeowner wants is a space that does not function – especially when you are trying to do multiple loads of laundry and keep the kids shoes and backpacks organized. Hiring a contractor is a good idea, but hiring a designer first may be the best move of all. They have expertise in understanding how people use spaces and know how to set them up.

If you are curious about what kind of value a laundry room renovation can ad to your home contact me. I would love to talk with you about your ideas. 518.1140



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