Who are the Best Real Estate Agents in Cincinnati? Keller Williams Advisors

There are a lot of real estate agents out there, but by the numbers the best real estate agents in Cincinnati work at Keller Williams Advisors.

Ranking the Best Real Estate Agents in Cincinnati

There are a few metrics measure real estate agents. Two of the most important metrics to home sellers are:

  1. How quickly can you sell my house? Almost every home owner wants to sell their home fast. They are eager to move on to their next home. Timing is important and a good Realtor will do lots of research to help you understand the selling trends in your neighborhood.
  2. How much money can you sell my house for? Every seller wants to get the most money for their house. The market is always changing so make sure your agent has research to back up their pricing recommendation.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Cincinnati

Any house will sell fast if it is priced too low, and any house will sell for top dollar is you have years to wait. Real estate is all about balancing price and time on market. When an agent’s homes sell relatively quickly close to original list price you are working with someone who knows how to balance the two forces and make their clients happy.

So when you interview a real estate agent ask them about their track record of selling homes quickly for top dollar. According to the research Keller Williams Advisors Agents sell homes quickest and for the highest percentage of list price in all of Cincinnati.

This means quicker sales and more money for sellers according to the data provided by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

The bottom line is if you are looking to sell your home and you are interested in getting the most money and the quickest possible sale you need to talk with me, I’m a Keller Williams Advisors real estate agent! Call me at 513.518.1140

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