Some Things Even Moving Companies Will Not Transport

Regardless of your specific circumstances and situation, moving is an un
deniably stressful process. The act of packing your entire life into boxes and transporting it to a new location is fraught with peril. One of the most basic and necessary steps to alleviate a good deal of the inherent stress involves hiring high-quality moving company. Their services and experienced moving professionals should help streamline the experience and can take a literal and metaphorical load off your back. With that said, there’s certain items moving companies will simply refuse to deal with. This is generally because the objects in question are a severe liability or simply wouldn’t fare well stuffed into the back of a truck for a prolonged period of time.

This is a brief overview detailing items that moving companies won’t be able to move for you.

moving van

 Hazardous Materials   

Granted, this knowledge will hardly blow anyone’s mind, but the term applies to more items than you’d normally think. Anything even remotely corrosive or flammable falls into this category, and includes deodorant, body spray, pool chemicals, weapons/ ammo, and car batteries. Moving companies will avoid these objects like a plague, and it’ll inevitably fall on you to figure out appropriate transportation means. Matches, lamp oil, paint thinner, and nail polish also round out the hazardous materials list. If you have items even the garbage men won’t take, you’ll need to bring in an alternative garbage removal team.

Perishable Items

Nobody wants to be unloading a moving truck while being tormented by the disgusting stench of rotten eggs. Movers won’t be enthused if you try to get them to pack boxes full of perishable fruit or frozen foods. Use simple common sense here: if it can go bad, then it has no place in a moving van. If you’re determined to bring the entire contents of your fridge, than more power to you, just be prepared to do it yourself.


While one would assume it to be common knowledge not to trust movers with your glittering family heirlooms, the madness of moving often compels people to believe that all problems can be solved by being placed in a box. Cash, official documents, jewelry, gold, art, anything that can be labeled a “valuable” should be transported under your care and watch. Moving companies simply don’t want to deal with the liability of transporting expensive items, even if they offer varying forms of insurance. Plus, let’s be honest: do you really want a bunch of strangers handling your family’s priceless 200-year old portrait? Exactly, that’s what I thought.

 In Summary 

Communication is key. Yes, it’s clichéd, but holy cow is it taken for granted on a regular basis. Open up a dialogue with your moving company regarding this topic to be aware of their protocol and guidelines. This will allow you to adequately prepare your many household items for packing armed with the knowledge that you’re personally responsible for transporting certain ones.

Overall, moving companies can be immensely beneficial; it’s just essential to realize that they cannot transport literally every possession you own. Prepare accordingly, and your moving experience will be smooth sailing.

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