The One Thing Cincinnati Homeowners can do to Prevent A House Fire

prevent Cincinnati house fireThere is one simple thing that Cincinnati home owners can do to prevent a fire in their house. It takes only a few moment but it can save your life.

We want everyone to check their circuit breaker and make sure it is not a  Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok  model. They have been known to fail and initiate deadly electrical fires in homes across the nation, and recently in greater Cincinnati. Produced and installed from the 1950’s through the 1980’s they are not uncommon in Cincinnati homes remodeled or built during that period.

How do I know if my home has a Stab-Lok breaker?

Watch this 90 second video from NBC news to learn how to quickly identify the Stab-Lok breaker box.

If you have one in your home call an electrician and schedule to have it replaced.  Depending on the size of the box, replacement cost should be about $1,500 and $2,000.  It addition consider talking with your insurance company and ask them if they will help pay for the new circuit breaker.  Similar to preventative measures that help home owners save on their insurance costs (fire alarms, smoke detectors, burglar alarms) you may qualify for assistance in replacing the faulty panel. It is actually in the insurance companies best interest since it could save them a costly claim in the future.

But  it is important to weigh the cost of a few thousands dollars and the cost of a house fire. In this case, a few thousand dollars of prevention can save you the cost of of loosing your house, a pet, or forbid even a loved one. Please consider the investment in your safety!

If you need a recommendation for an electrician please call me. I am happy to help you make your home and your family safer!

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