What Are The Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make?

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes_ActiveRain_OversizedWhat Are The Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make? Well according to a survey conducted by Real Estate website Active Rain the 6 biggest mistakes fall into 2 categories: Home Preparation, and Negotiating the deal. Below is a list of the 6 biggest mistakes and how sellers can avoid them!

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make!

  1. You Overpricing Your Home: Your hired me to give you professional advice and get your home sold. I give my clients multiple analyses as well as my professional opinion. As someone who works in the market every day I know that prices change and will give you the best guidance possible. I give clients pricing strategies based on their needs and my 12 years of experience. ‘Pricing it really high to see what you can get’ is not one of them!
  2. You Do Not Allow Showings: If you are going to sell your home you have to let people into it on their schedule, not yours. Keep your house perfectly clean 24/7, and be prepared to be inconvenienced – within reason. If you are hosting a dinner party let your agent know so they can mark that day out. But try to avoid those while your house is on the market.
  3. You Did Not De-clutter Your House: Buyers want to imagine their pictures on the nightstands, and  art on the walls. Box up approximately 50% -60% of your knick-knacks, family photos, artwork, and an trophies you may have. Clean your closets, fold your clothes, and store any excess furniture.
  4. You DO Not Make Your House Smell Nice: If a buyer walks into your home and smells your (cat, dog, cigarettes, cooking, gym bag, overpowering perfume, air freshener collection …) they may turn around and walk right out. Steam clean carpets, wipe down walls, use baking soda, board the animals, pause the gym membership, order in dinner … what ever it takes to help your house smell appealing.
  5. You Are Not Willing To Negotiate: Your house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It is not worth what you think it is worth. My job is to get the buyer to understand the value and pay as much as they will, but it may not be as much a you think it should be. If we priced it correctly there should be a small gap between ask and offer.  One more things – your friends will tell you this too – the first offer you get is almost always the best offer you get. Be willing to negotiate and get the house sold.
  6. You Refuse To Make Repairs: You lived in the house with a broken door and drafty windows for 15 years. The new buyer wants them repaired. Just do it! When you buy a home you will ask for things to be repaired as well. It is part of the cycle.  Derailing a deal because you will not pay to get a door fixed under principal is lunacy.  Do not do it!

The spring real estate market in Cincinnati is already shaping up to be a busy one. If you are thinking about selling your home call me, and let me help you avoid making these 6 mistakes.

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