Trees Damage Power Lines and Roofs

Dangerous Trees Damage Power Lines and Roofs Across Cincinnati

tree downOver the holiday weekend we experienced some very strong thunder storms in Cincinnati and a few areas had localized power outages. This, plus some roof damages in select areas were all caused by dangerous trees. Either sick, damaged, or on unstable ground a dangerous tree can cause extensive damage to your home and possibly your neighbors!

Protect your investment in your home. Check your trees!

The best way to protect the investment you have made in your home is to check your trees every 3 years.   The Atlanta based group suggests inspecting the four “zones” of a tree:

  1. The overall tree
  2. Ground inspection
  3. Trunk inspection
  4. Canopy inspection

Follow their suggested inspection guidelines and be certain to do it every 3 years. While it may only take a few minutes to give your trees a complete visual inspection it could save you thousands of dollars in avoidable home repairs.  If at any point in your inspection you see something that does not look quite right call a certified Arborist for a professional inspection.

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