Home Sales Continue to Grow in Greater Cincinnati

Couple with a home for sale sign

Home Sales Continue to Grow in Greater Cincinnati

Couple with a home for sale signAcross the Greater Cincinnati region home sales continue to grow, showing the slow and ongoing local housing recovery. We have mentioned it here before on this blog but the underlying reasons that we are seeing this growth is that interest rates continue to be low and the job market continues to improve.

We are excited to see this slow and steady improvement because we know that behind the numbers every transaction represents a family purchasing their dream home. Moreover the housing industry is one of the strongest drivers of the economy. Think of all of the economic impact you have on our Cincinnati economy when you buy a home; and hire a local painter, and work with a local contractor, and buy supplies from a local hardware store.

Home Prices Continue to Rise in Greater Cincinnati

Another great sign that things are improving is that home prices year over year have been growing … slowly. A rapid run up in prices would not be good for anyone except speculators. Slow steady and predictable growth allows families to plan for the future and buyers to have confidence that they are buying an appreciating asset. This is especially true for First Time Home Buyers who are weighing the value of renting vs. buying.

2012 2013
# Units Sold
Avg. Sale Price
# Units Sold
Avg. Sale Price
 $   142,743.00
 $   153,865.00
 $   163,619.00
 $   176,088.00
 $  165,741.00
 $   181,306.00
 $  214,852.00
 $   219,869.00

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