When Should I Put My House On the Market?

Couple with a home for sale sign

Couple with a home for sale sign

By: Alison Moss

In Cincinnati  putting your house on the market at the right time of year is just as important as putting it on the market on the right day of the week. When you list your house matters! Weather, school end dates, Reds/Bengals games, and of course market condition all have to play into your listing date strategy.


Pick the Right Season to List Your House.

Locally we have a 365 day selling season. I sell homes constantly throughout the year … even in December and January! Of course Spring time is busier, but there are advantages to putting your house on the market in the dead of winter. It all depends on your timing, and the market’s inventory. If you’re the new house on the market in the middle of December you just may attract a lot of attention from buyers who are uninterested in the current stock. In fact selling a home in the winter could be a great idea.

Pick The Right Day to List Your House.

After years in the business I have a refined plan for what day a new house should hit the market. Part of a good listing plan involves plotting out a calendar of dates, milestones, and events and it is all based on the day of the week that the house hits the market. Some of these are pre-market events, and some of these are in-market events. If the real estate agent you interview does not have a game plan based around your listing date you need to call me!

Pick the Right Date to List Your House.

Believe it or not some clients love certain dates for cultural, personal, or superstitious reasons. I have had clients who postponed listing their home becuase they did not want it hitting the market on the 13th. I have also had clients postpone listings becuase they were hosting an event and did not want to take the chance of having a showing request the day of a dinner party they were hosting. What ever date you chose, and for whatever reason, stick to it. It will allow your realtor to put a winning game plan into play.

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