Being a First Time Home Buyer in a Rising Market

Couple with a home for sale sign

Couple with a home for sale signI have spent a good portion of my career working with First Time Home Buyers in Cincinnati and as the market conditions change so do their buying strategies. Even though the major Federal First Time Home Buyer tax credit has expired, these buyers continue to consider buying over renting for good reason. Recent market conditions have made it cheaper to own than to rent, but as the market heats up there are some steps firs-timers will want to take as they begin their house hunt.

Understand the Cincinnati Real Estate Market!

I try and educate my first-timers about the realities of the real estate market. Since 2006 we have gone from Sellers market to a Buyers Market and back to a Sellers market. Understanding the market helps my buyers make market driven offers and that saves them time and aggravation.

Financial Prequalification

Every buyer I work with has to speak with a lender first. When they understand what size loan we can take out it helps he find them the best house for them in their price point. It also strengthens their offer when we submit it.

Offers and Negotiations

In a seller’s market I work with my buyers closely since they are in a very competitive situation with other home buyers. I help them create the most compelling offers advising them on everything from down payment amount, who to use for a lender, closing date, an well as suture sales potential.

Contingency Planning.

Unlike renting, when a new home owner has a maintenance challenge they have to address it. I help my first time home buyers plan for home maintenance. We budget out for items like occasional roof repairs, appliance replacements) and even weighing the cost and benefits of upgrades like remodeling kitchens and baths.

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