Want to update the color of the ceramic tile in your home? Now you can!

As a realtor in Cincinnati I see lots of homes that have good ceramic tile but my buyers want it to be another color. You know that tile color (salmon, powder blue, pea-soup-green). In the past their choice was accept the tile as it is or tear it out and replace it.

But now I have an alternative to recommend. Tile re-glazing! (Just don’t do this to real Rookwood tile! Buyers from Cincinnati seek out homes with it!)

old tile new tile

In the past I have had listing clients re-glaze their bathtubs. But I had never seen the treatment applied to ceramic kitchen and bath tile. I now talk with my buyers and sellers about it because it gives them a less expensive alternative to a full remodel and opens up so many color options. Above you can see where a client wanted to go from 80’s black tile to something more contemporary.  Same bathroom, but now with fresh clean gleaming white tile!

If you are considering selling your home,  or just think your bathroom ceramic tile could use a face-lift give me a call. I can provide you names of  local contractors to interview. 518.1140

If you are looking at our current bathroom and are considering a full remodel you should call me. I can give you advice on what you should expect your financial return to be when you sell your home.


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