Relocating To Cincinnati, Relocating out of Cincinnati: Guidance from an Experienced Relocation Agent

As a Realtor who has consistently earned repeat and referral business from families relocating to and from Cincinnati I understand what is involved in corporate sponsored relocation. If you are working with Cartus, Sirva, Brookfield, Sibcy Cline Relocation or any other Corporate Relocation Company you will receive a number of benefits through them. These benefits may include your corporation paying for 1 or multiple moves, temporary housing, commissions, concessions, and moving related expenses.

It is important to know that a relocation company wants you to feel comfortable with the agent who you will choose to work with and encourages you to choose an agent who you think can best represent your interest. Ideally transferees will have an agent in mind that has been recommended to them by a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone they have found through another source.

Relocation companies are third parties in the real estate process, contracted by corporate HR departments to streamline the process and remove the HR department from entering the real estate business. They work as an intermediary between the buyer/seller, Realtor, and HR.

A Recommended Relocation Agent

If you or someone you know is being transferred in or out of Cincinnati here is how you can select me as your agent:

  1. Call or email me as soon as you find out your are moving; this may be prior to a formal announcement at the company or to friends, relatives so that I may begin the process on my end.  I will keep all details confidential!
  2. When you fill out your HR/Relocation paperwork, there is always a place for you to request an agent. Relocation companies want you to select your agent of choice rather than matching you randomly and having a mismatch. They want the transferee to be happy with the Realtor’s service,  and choosing an agent you prefer will keep the process simple. Ultimately their client (your corporation) will want feedback on your experience with the relocation company and your experience as a whole, the more choice you have as a buyer/seller the higher the likelihood that you will have a positive experience in an already stressful time.

For any questions about Cincinnati real estate, relocating to Cincinnati, or relocating out of Cincinnati feel free to call me anytime 513-518-1140 or email me at


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