Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Mover

When you decide to sell your home, or to move into a new one, interview a real estate agent is just one of the interviews you will have conduct. Weather you are moving cross-town or cross-country here are five questions that you better ask your mover when you interview them.


  1. What’s your registration number? If you’re looking at interstate moving companies you can check their registration number at: All reputable movers are registered with the DOT and their state. Before you think this is unnecessary just think about all of your personal belonging barreling down the highway at 70 MPH. Glad you are working with a registered company now huh?
  2. What types of estimates do you offer? Be sure the moving representative is able to explain all of the pricing options available to you. Most likely you will hear ‘Flat Rate’ and ‘Hourly Rate’. A good estimator will quote you both ways if you ask him to.
  3. Do you offer in-home estimates? If a moving company tells you they cannot conduct an in-home estimate, it is recommended that you don’t use them. How can they estimate the cost without seeing your property … or your staircase?
  4. How long have you been in business? Ask a moving company about its history to ensure they are experienced enough to handle your move. Also ask for a few references you can call.
  5. Are there costs that aren’t included in this estimate? Ensure that you are fully aware of any fees that you could incur on moving day, so that you can anticipate the likelihood of a price increase. Large items, like pianos, often require extra charges.

Good luck and Happy Moving!

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