KPMG Ranks Cincinnati Best US City For Business Tax Costs

KPMG released a 2012 Special Report that ranked Cincinnati as the top US city for lowest business Tax Costs. Globally Cincinnati ranked 16, ahead of other US Cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Having a lower overall tax cost contributes to Cincinnati being an attractive place for businesses to relocate their operations too. With a reduced tax burden, theoretically business will have more cash flow to invest in technology, pay share holders, and create new jobs.

More jobs leads to a stronger economy locally.

If there is one thing the last 4 years have taught all Americans is that there is a real linkage between all of the sectors of the economy. Housing, manufacturing, consumer goods, they all contribute broadly and impact each other. So if a rising tide lifts all ships this report should be an indicator of a brighter overall future soon to come.

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