The Squeaky Door Gets the Oil

At some point in our lives we will have to live with a door that gives us problems. Maybe the hinges will squeak, or the door will bind in the winter, or it just will not latch unless you push real hard on it.  In some cases there are easy fixes, and in others you may want to call a handy man to make more complex adjustments such as planing.

  1. If you door binds in the upper far corner, replace the screws in the upper hinge with longer screws that go through the jamb an into the stud. They will support the weight of the door better and hold alignment.
  2. If you have to lean on the door to get it to latch, first look at the door. If it is tilted try replacing the hinge screws in the top hinge. If the door looks level then adjust the strike plat by unscrewing it and moving it away from the jamb so the door latches easier.
  3. If the door squeaks when it opens and closes listen to the hinges closely.  Spray only the squeaky hinge with some lubricant like WD-40. Remember to hold a paper towel underneath the hinge since it will drip.
  4. Finally if the door keeps hitting the wall you need a door stop. You can get stops that affix to the wall, the door, or even hinge mounted door stops.


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