A Real Estate Agent’s Secrets to Buying a Home

As a Realtor in Cincinnati I get to work with buyers who are looking for all different kinds of property. Some want single family homes, some want condos, and other want multi-family or even luxury properties. After years in the business I can share a few secrets here that I share with my buyers.

Secrets to Buying a Home

  1. Know what you want, and what you don’t want. Being able to tell your Real Estate Agent what you want is important. Equally important is what you don’t want. It helps them narrow your search.
  2. Make list of ranked priorities. Decided on what is most important to you; location, school district, space, floor-plan, price … In some cases you may have to compromise to get the best house for you.
  3. Think of real estate as an investment. Look at your real estate as an investment, something that you will invest in over the years, and eventually want to sell. Think about potential improvements and renovations with an eye to how long you will be in the home and how the next buyer will perceive the improvements.
  4. Have both patience and a sense of urgency. It seems like those are conflicting ideas, but in real estate you have to be patient to wait for the right house to come on the market, and then be willing to move quickly to secure it.
  5. Hire a great Real Estate Agent: You have to have a great Realtor that you trust and have great communication with. Make sure that they understand your needs and are receptive to your comments. Hunting for a house is a partnership, so hire a great partner. If you are looking for a home in the Cincinnati area please contact us!

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