5 Tips to Sell a House in Winter

Selling a house in winter can be a bit of a challenge in a 4 season climate like Cincinnati. While it is true that there is more sales activity during the Spring, Summer and Fall we sell a lot of homes in Winter too. Getting a home sold when it is cold outside requires some special tactics to make the property extra appealing to buyers.


5 Tips to Selling a House in the Winter

  1. Price Your Home to Sell – Realtors in Cincinnati and elsewhere will tell you to be reasonable on your asking price, but this is especially true in the winter months. If you are a new listing you have to realize you are competing with stale holdover listings from the Summer and Fall. Proper pricing gets attention and can lead to a faster sale.
  2. Use the Right Real Estate Pictures – Make sure that your home has exterior images on days where there is no snow, and there is tons of light. That image is the first thing a potential buyer will see online. If you think you may sell in the Winter get a picture in the Fall before the leaves and snow fall.
  3. Clean Up Your Front Yard – Snow only covers so much, so make sure you clean up all of the Fall leaves, branches, and rake out the flower beds. Make sure that your exterior lights are all in good working order, and shovel / salt your driveway and walkway every day. You never know when you will have a showing!
  4. Winterize Your Home’s Decor – Yes it is winter, but that is not license to cover every square inch of your house with Christmas decorations in early November and leave them up until February.  Seasonal decorations are certainly appropriate, but aim to make the decorations highlight the home not overshadow it. Remember that you want the home to appeal to as many people as possible.
  5. Warm Your Home Up – In Winter you want a home to feel as warm and welcoming as possible. That means two things in particular: Lighting and Heat. If you do not have a lot of overhead light in the home go out and purchase additional floor lamps to make rooms look bright and inviting. Also set your thermostat higher, if possible, when you know you have showings. Nothing is more comforting that walking into a toasty house from a snowy driveway.

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