Selling a Home in the Winter Could be a Great Idea!

If you live in the greater Cincinnati area then you probably think that selling your home in the winter is not a good idea. Since our local real estate market has a seasonality to it there are opportunities to take advantage of the supply/demand ratio that play our year after year, season after season. No matter what is said about the housing market nationally, it’s the local picture that tells the tale in terms of the possibility of selling your home at any given time.

By and large sellers in Cincinnati tend not to list their houses in the winter months of the year. Therefore the housing inventory shrinks creating less competition for your home.  Houses that are excellent shape and priced appropriately stand out in winter and outshine the competition that tends to be hold-overs from the summer buying months.

Regardless of conventional wisdom there are buyers that need to buy this winter, and if your home is in great shape and is priced right put it on the market this winter and stand out in the crowd. Contact us for a listing appointment today!

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