Earthquakes and your Cincinnati home

We have had a number of friends, family members, and clients ask us about how earthquakes can impact their home in Cincinnati even though we were hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. The reality is that in the mid-west our homes were not built with earthquakes in mind. There are three main things that we want all of our readers to do post earthquake.

Tips on examining your Cincinnati home after an earthquake.

  1. Check your gas appliance and gas connections for leaks. Use your eyes and your nose to see and sniff out gas leaks which could lead to fires. If you smell natural gas call your service provider immediately!
  2. Check your foundation for any new cracks. In addition check on old cracks that may have been hairline before the earthquake. After the next heavy rain scan your basement walls for signs of water penetration from fissures that may have opened up.
  3. Check your chimney. Since your chimney is often the talles part of your home it tends to sway the most. Visually check for signs of cracks on the exterior and look in the fire box for signs of loose mortar that may have come lose inside the flu. If you see ether call a chimney repair specialist for an evaluation before you use your fireplace again.
These three items are as vital to protecting your family and your investment. Fires, water intrusion, and structural damage can cost thousands more if they are not addressed up front.

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