Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Cincinnati

Couple with a home for sale sign

Couple with a home for sale signHere are three tips for first time home sellers in the Cincinnati market. A lot of attention gets paid to first time home buyers, but what about those who are ready to move out of their first home? In this economy it is even more important to follow these tips to improve your ability to sell your home.

Tips for First Time Home Sellers:


Pricing your home right when it originally lists is the best thing you can do. You receive the most interest and traffic in the first 2-3 weeks after you list. Make it as attractive as possible by pricing it competitively for the neighborhood.  Even then in this market buyers will be looking for just the right house, so the idea is to attract the largest pool of buyers early with a competitive price.


In this market in these times home sellers are taking losses. It is a tough fact to face. Their home values are down, but the positive news is that in most cases the home they are going to buy has also experienced a decline in value.  Your home in only worth what the buyers are willing to pay. Make sure you use comparable sales information in pricing your home, and be ware of any agent that can promise huge gains and does not present data to back up their claim.


In today’s market you need an agent who is marketing the home across a variety of channels and getting your listing in front of as many people as possible. Placing a listing in the MLS system is simply not enough. If you interview and agent and do no them talk about their Facebook Professional page, their Twitter account, their web site, or how they syndicate your listing across a number of website then you have an agent that is not doing enough to promote your listing.

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