Move to Cincinnati for the Arts

A vision of a Cincinnati art project

Why Move to Cincinnati? For the Arts!

A vision of a Cincinnati art projectThe local arts scene is vibrant and there are major projects going on to support the arts throughout Cincinnati. Part of the charm of this community is its dedication to cultural development and the parProjects is a perfect example.  In the Northside neighborhood two artists are using old shipping containers to build an arts and community center. Blocked and stacked like giant Legos, the containers’ modular nature allows for flexibility in shaping the large design to occupants’ specific needs.

Help support this project  by voting for parProjects in the Pepsi Refresh contest from May 1 to May 31. The contest prize of $50,000 is enough to build the first phase of their long-term dream of a Northside community art center. Outstanding art collectives and engaged citizens enhance Cincinnati’s appeal as a choice city for relocation.

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