First Time Home Buyer Experience

First Time Home Buyers

I work with a lot of first time home buyers and understand all of the emotions that they experience through the entire process. I see the joy and the frustration both as they navigate through things like contracts, negotiations, addendum and all of the other steps involved in the process. I also get to see the looks on their faces when things go well and we close on their first home.

A friend and her husband just purchased a home in Texas  and she wrote an expansive piece about the emotions and process they went through to find the right house  I think it is the same for most first timers, but few take the time to write about their personal adventure with such care and detail.

There’s a certain cliched, cheesy magic that has been portrayed by Realtor commercials, of couples gazing expectantly at each other, eyes wide, thrilled that they’ve found THE HOUSE and that they can now embark confidently on The American Dream.  And the thing is, they’re actually not joking.  Just like when I found out that the best part of waking up really is Folger’s (or any coffee) in my cup, I discovered this was a time when commercials weren’t lying to me.

Because the moment you realize that you and your mate both love a house is nothing short of momentous, causing you to react like you’ve just discovered King Tut’s Tomb.  Or maybe the Baby Jesus.

“The stained concrete floors!” I cried.

“The huge backyard!” Ross wept.

“Oh, oh my God, Ross, there’s a PECAN TREE,” I whispered.

“I know, Tolly, and there’s even a small driveway,” he said.

We were completely giddy.  We practically skipped out the front door, and into our realtors’ arms.

You can read the whole post on the Austin Eavesdropper.

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