Flood Insurance for Cincinnati Real Estate

A chart detailing the cost of flood repairs

A chart detailing the cost of flood repairsInsuring Cincinnati Real Estate Against Flood Damage.

Flood insurance is something that every Cincinnati real estate owner should be thinking about with all of the rain in the last few weeks. Understanding where you home is with respect to flood plains, rivers, and creeks is critical to understanding your risk of experiencing a flood.

The Cost of Flood Damage to Cincinnati Real Estate

According to the chart by USAA, as the flood waters rise so does the cost of repairs. Each additional inch of water that floods a home increases the cost of repairs by by thousands of dollars. In addition, home owners insurance policies vary and may not cover water damage caused by flooding. The first thing that property owners should do is check with their insurance company to understand the cost of flood insurance and what it covers. 10 year rains, 50 year rains, 100 year rains – weather in unpredictable but one thing is certain- the costs to repair a flood damaged home will continue to increase so make sure you protect your investment appropriately.

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