Cincinnati Home Energy Audits

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is offering  ENERGY AUDITS OF YOUR HOME FOR $50. Why should Hamilton County and City of Cincinnati Homeowners pay someone to complete a comprehensive energy audit of their home? The reason is that you will get significant discounts and tax credits on the items they find that need to be upgraded or replaced. This includes the BIG TICKET ITEMS like windows, furnace, a/c, insulation etc.  They came out to my home and we are now in the process of replacing our furnace and a/c with a 95% high efficiency furnace.

We will be saving nearly 50% off of this unit due as a result of this program.They contract with different service providers so you have your choice of who you want to do your installation. The money comes from a conglomerate of Duke Tax Credits, County Tax Credits and a number of other government and private sources. You pay the discounted amount to the provider and they process the paperwork and get all of the credits through the Energy Alliance themselves. I passed this on to my real estate clients and wanted our Community to be able to take advantage of this opportunity as well. This money will be running out in the next few months so if you are planning to replace any of these items in your home soon, this should give you the incentive to get free money while you can!!!! Contact Alison Warm Moss for the info!

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