Cincinnati Ranked Fifth Most Affordable City to Relocate to

Cincinnati is the fifth most affordable city in the country according to a recent Yahoo! report and a Forbes report making it highly attractive for relocation.  Most affordable doe not mean cheap, so the report sought to handicap each of the cities with broad economic factors such as housing prices, salaries, and an overall affordability index.

They looked at:

1. The current median asking price of homes on the market in each city

2. The median salaries of workers with bachelor’s degrees or higher

3. A cost-of-living index that considers factors in transportation, insurance, food, utilities…

4. The latest unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Yahoo! then took those number in a grid a created an overall ranking to determine the city with the best overall affordability.  As you look at the numbers below our housing affordability is a strong driver as is our overall cost of living. Cincinnati is competitive in Salary for our industries and size of the city and hopefully our unemployment rank will improve with the economy. The below numbers show only a small piece of why Cincinnati is an amazing place to live.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Asking Price Rank: 4
Salary Rank: 25
Cost-of-Living Rank: 6
Unemployment Rank: 32

If you are relocating to Cincinnati and want more information call me at 513.518.1140.

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