Cincinnati Home Construction and Weep Holes

As a Cincinnati real estate agent I get to see homes constructed across many decades and one thing I have learned from my experience with home inspections is look for the weep holes.  Weep holes are small holes in masonry walls most often found just above the foundation walls. They may be small but they are a big deal.

Weep holes allow air to circulate into the walls of your home and that allows moisture to evaporate, or condense and run out. Since moisture has a place to escape it does not build up and cause water damage on the studs behind your brick exterior walls.  Wind driven rain can penetrate brick, which is why homes are built with a small space between the brick exterior and the wood frame. The water runs down the back of the brick and out of the weep holes.

I have taken extra care to work with my home inspectors to make sure that weep holes are present and not painted over in all of the masonry home I am listing and selling to buyers.

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home in Cincinnati with masonry walls look for your weep holes and give me a phone call for a showing or a listing presentation.

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