Urban Bird Feeding in Cincinnati

NPR had an interesting article just the other day on feeding birds during the winter months.  “We often forget that, really, bird feeding, we’re doing it for us. We’re not responsible for the birds’ utter survival. So we need to do it the right way, and the right way is to really give your feeders a regular cleaning.” says Bill Thompson, the editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest.

Cincinnati has an active bird population and stocking a feeders in the winter. Thompson suggests using black oil sunflower seed, peanuts, tiny thistle and Nyjer seeds, and others thin shelled nuts that are high in fat and calories. The birdseeds mixes will also attract squirrels, and that often poses problems for many bird lovers. Squirrels are intelligent, opportunistic, and love to steal seeds from bird feeders. I have seen videos of the little rodents climbing feeder poles, tight rope waling on power lines, and even leaping from trees all to get at and eat from bird feeders.

Bird feeders can bring a wealth of wildlife to your back yard and create an attractive environment for you ad your family to enjoy.

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