Who Wants to Buy a Haunted House?

The haunted real estate that was the centerpiece of the Amityville Horror is for sale.  A home that inspired such fear in the book and in the movie is listed currently for $1.5 Million dollars. Since we are just out of Halloween season it seems appropriate to point out such a unique real estate listing.

The story brings up an interesting challenge, how do you market a house that is supposedly haunted? More importantly how do you market a house that is so notoriously haunted that there is a book about it and a move too? Some times there are homes that have stigmas that select groups of buyers care deeply about, and other buyers could care less about. The key is to market the property like I would any property – honestly for what it is.

If you have any questions about stigmatized properties, or are interested in finding and buying a haunted house feel free to call me at 513.518.1140

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