Employee Relocation, Why some Employees do not Want to Relocate

When it comes to relocating to or from Cincinnati every employee has a tough decision to make in today’s real estate market. Some people are in a bind because they have to move to accept a job for financial security, but are unable to sell their home and move their family. NPR recently ran a full story on this dilemma and it highlighted how the housing market is impacting the job market, and  how the job market is impacting housing.

As the chart shows people are reluctant to relocate simply because they either can not sell their home or are concerned that they will loose money if they do sell. This situation is compounded by the job growth in major urban centers where the cost of living has traditionally been higher.

If you are in a situation where you may be relocating it is important to consider not only the job but the impact it will have on your living situation. Be realistic when assessing the current real estate market and consult an agent who is familiar with your community. I have worked with many people relocating to and from Cincinnati and understand the economic challenges and personal stress that come form this choice.  Call me if you are in a relocation situation and would like assistance in gathering information on our current market and the real estate market where you new job is located. 513-158-1140

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