Preparing Real Estate For Sale in Cincinnati During Fall.

Every real estate season brings its own challenges in Cincinnati. Fall in particular it is an opportunity to make small improvements and efforts that will go a long way in the spring. It takes a lot of vision to know that you are going to want to list you house in the spring, and if you know now you can start to prepare!

Lowe’s has some great tips on Fall maintenance-

1. Clean out the gutters – after the leaves are all done falling clean out the gutters so that when the winter snows melt and the spring rains come that water will have somewhere to go aside from into your attic!

2. Move your Potted plants and Potters – Bring in your smaller potted plants so they do not freeze over the winter and make sure that any empty potter are moved into the garage or somewhere they will not freeze and crack.

3. Rake your leaves – because if they sit on your lawn they will leave unsightly brown patches. They block the sun damage the grass underneath them. If you have a mulching mower you can also mow the leaves a number of times to chop them up very fine and the material will compost into your yard. Just make sure they are dry when you do it!

4. Weed and Feed – your lawn will rebound faster if you feed it in the late fall. Also take the opportunity to pull out the crabgrass and spray the dandelions that are still hanging around.

If you take care of these things in the fall your lawn and home will look its best in the spring!

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