Boundary Disputes in Oakley and Hyde Park

500 residents in East Hyde Park are being told that, according to the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati, they live in Oakley. That’s because the Hamilton County Auditor map lists the 500 homes in  Hyde Park, but the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS), what Realtors use,  puts the homes in Oakley. So homeowners who bought homes in Hyde Park  now have to sell their homes with Oakley addresses according to Fox 19.

Realtors are required to market homes according to how the MLS service classifies their home. 490 homeowners have signed a petition to the Hyde Park Community Council and the Oakley Community Council to address and resolve the discrepancy. Lawmakers said they can amend the council community boundaries map if  both community councils agree on the changes and put it in writing.

The easiest solution would be for the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors to amend the MLS system to include a new suburb code called ‘East Hyde Park’ that would cover these homeowners.

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