Luxe Home Swapping

A recent trend in the luxury home market has been swapping homes for brief, or extended vacations. Luxe Home Swap allows individuals to swap homes so that they can have unique experiences, vacations, or even, a retreat far away from their own home. Luxe Home Swap is a  way to holiday in style and blend in like a local, allowing you to make maximum value of your home or second home.

The site presents a unique opportunity – to vacation in a very luxurious accommodations without paying a hotel.  Luxe Home Swap says that the site is for savvy people with homes they’re proud of in major cities and desirable locations – from San Francisco to Sydney, Vancouver to Verbier, Barbados to Bali, plus lots of other places you might never have thought of visiting…yet.  If you have investment properties or second home this may be an ideal way to get the most out of the property by hosting guests and then using their homes in exchange.

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