Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchens Become the New Gathering Place

The outdoor kitchen is becoming a gathering spot for family and friends especially in a city like Cincinnati that tends to have  good weather 8 months a year. The trend picks up where the back yard grill leaves off. The stand alone grill is getting replaced by a fully functioning kitchen complete with all of the comforts and appliances found inside.

The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. RSI media says that the one place to stretch your budget is on making sure you have a durable, and great performing grill. Gas, wood, or charcoal – doesn’t matter.  Other appliances that are common are sinks, refrigerators, and in some cases keg taps, wine chillers, and even ice makers. In some instances homeowners are replacing the grill with a pizza oven!

When designing your outdoor kitchen consider the utilities, including water, gas, and electricity. Placing the kitchen near the home will give you better access. In addition consider the materials carefully. Color is important but also consider how hot your counters get in the sun, and how slick the flooring is if you spill BBQ sauce on it.

Outdoor kitchens help increase a home’s overall appeal to buyers. When you install you remember not to over-personalize it. Aim for a balance between function and pure aesthetics. remember to

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