I Missed the $8,000 Housing Tax Credit so Should I Still Buy a Home?

In recent days I have had a few phone calls from first time home buyers asking me if they should still buy a house even though they missed the $8,000 tax credit. In some cases they could not find the right house, or they did not hear that the credit was extended. Regardless of the reason they missed credit I tell the same thing; YES!

There are a number of reasons that this is a good time to purchase a home.

First is that over the long term Real Estate has been a solid long term investment. Over the years Cincinnati has seen relatively stable property value appreciation. Our property values did rise and fall with the rest of the country over the last 6 years, but we did not have the dramatic soar and crash like Miami, or Las Vegas. Invest in a home because you love it, not because you are looking for fast appreciation.

Second thing I point to is the closing gap between Rent and Ownership costs. With property values AND interest rates lower the gap between Rent and Ownership has shrunk substantially. According to a national study by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services the difference between the cost of Rent and Ownership has decreased to as little as $100 a month in some markets.  The study looked at 43 major markets and found that using the median home price and median rent the cost difference was $256.  That is the smallest gap since 1993.

The third point is that there are still very good deals to be had. There are sellers who want to sell their home now and are willing to negotiate on price and terms to get the deal done. While it is still somewhat a buyers market sellers are also feeling the home values stabilize and may not be ready to give their home away in a fire sale. They key point I try to emphasize is that interest rates are at record lows. Home values have returned to 2003 levels, but the interest rates today are lower. Bottom line – the price may be the same but it will cost you less to buy the same hose today as it did in 2003 thanks to low interest rates.

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