Relocating to Cincinnati

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with a number of clients relocating into Cincinnati. What my relocating clients found out was the real estate transaction process is different in every state and every city.

For example, when purchasing real estate in New York and other states you are required to have a lawyer draft the contract.

In Cleveland the home seller pays for the buyer’s home owner’s title insurance policy.

In Cincinnati the seller pays both the Selling agent and Buying agent commissions. In addition it is becoming more common for sellers to pay for the buyer’s title insurance policy. Locally most real estate contracts have standard language that is reviewed and approved by real estate lawyers, so there is no need to retain a separate lawyer in most situation.

If you are relocating to Cincinnati and have questions about the local real estate customs and processes please send me an e-mail or give em a phone call 513-518-1140 , I’d be happy to help.

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