Corporate Foreclosures and Individual Foreclosures

In recent weeks major real estate developers have been walking away from properties because like many home owners, they are underwater on their mortgages. Tishman Speyer Properties gave up the 56-building, 11,232-unit Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in Manhattan, turning the properties over to its creditors after defaulting on some $4.4 billion in debt.

What is frustrating to many home owners is that financial institutions are doing everything that they can to prevent Homeowners from foreclosing, while large developers are simply handing the keys back over to the banks when thier properties become too much of a financial liability.

RealtyTrac continues to track the increasing number of short sales and foreclosure and the problem continues to weigh down the housing market. As the economy slowly recovers it is my hope that the unemployment rate will drop and with it, the number of families facing foreclosures. The Federal Government continues to put pressure on lenders to modify mortgages through the Making Homes Affordable program, and the program is slowly helping to relieve pressure on families that qualify.

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