Cincinnati Real Estate and Snow Plows

Just because it snows does not mean that the real estate world slows down. The current buyers looking for homes and are in a hurry. Today when I was making appointments to see houses I was actively asking the listing agents if they had plowed the driveway, and shoveled the walk way. Part to a buyer’s first impression is seeing that a homeowner is caring for the property by having the driveway and walkway cleaned and clean.

As a Realtor it is important that you work with your sellers to maintain the properties in the best possible condition. With the amount of snow we have had in the last few days it I have been calling all of my listings to make sure the occupied properties are being cleared, and that the vacant properties have someone going to them.

We use Zane Rubin for our plowing. If you have plowing needs feel free to call and schedule him. 519-3200

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