Cincinnati School Levy A Realtor’s Perspective

In the recent edition of Cincinnati Magazine the main focus is a review of various school systems. One of the sidebar commentaries suggests that parents consider the community’s support of the school system; and that funding levies are a good indicator of support.

Cincinnati Are School Levys

Cincinnati Are School Levys

In the elections last week a number of communities voted to enact, or maintain their school levy.  WLWT reported that “The school district said that if the emergency levy doesn’t pass, it will have to cut high school sports including the football team. Extra-curricular activities like choir and likely the prom would also have to be cut.”

Although the quality of a school system is subjective, a school that lacks the funding for any extra curricular activities is at a competitive disadvantage. Potential home buyers may not be drawn to those areas if they have school age children. While the passing or failing school a levy may seem to only impact taxes, it can also have an impact on property values. If demand for a certain area goes down because of an underfunded school system, prices will most likely follow. Click here for more information about Cincinnati School information

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