Green Homes That Snap Together

I am always on the look out for interesting housing solutions. I recently saw the HIB building system being produced in Germany. The pieces of the house literally snap together like Legos! The modular blocks are created from local pine and insulated with materials including wood chips, clay, mussel shells and pea shingle gravel.  The blocks weigh no more than about 60 lbs. , and lock into each other in Lego fashion. The resulting construction is earthquake- and storm-proof even at three storys tall, and a concrete floor provides  even greater strength and stability.

Green building materials

Green building materials

In addition you can finish the interior and exterior walls in plaster, wood, drywall, or brick. The blocks are mold resistant, and insulate at levels 40 percent higher than standard insulation materials. Consumers who use the HIB-System can either design their own houses or choose from pre-created layouts. Customers can contact HIB for local recommendations, or they can do it themselves. HIB can precut and number all of the pieces at the factory.

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