Case-Shiller Market report and our Cincinnati Real Estate Market

Yesterday the Case-Shiller home price index came out, and it had some positive numbers. The C-S index looks at 20 major metropolitan real estate markets and watches the change in home sale prices on a monthly basis. The index provides numbers that are normalized for the home prices in the first quarter of 2000.

Because Cincinnati is not one of the markets observed by the index, we have o draw some conclusions from our closest neighbor, which is Cleveland. The below chart shows the decline and slow rebound of the housing market over the last 12 months in Cleveland.

Case Shiller Home Price index July 2009 - Cleveland

Case Shiller Home Price index July 2009 - Cleveland

What we see in the numbers is that in February, March, and April of this year home values in Cleveland fell below the their 2000 value levels for the same months. But we also see an increase in home values as the spring and summer months arrive. In Cincinnati we saw a similar trend, driven by a number of factors including the season, first time home buyer credit, and improving macro-economic conditions.

If you have been thinking about moving up into a large home this may be the time to make the move. As prices begin to rise proportionately more expensive homes will gain in price faster than lower priced homes. A $500,000 home will cost $550,000 if it gains 10% in value, while a $200,000 home will cost $220,000. That is a $30,000 difference. call me today if you are interested in deeper local market analysis! 513-518-1140

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