Real Estate Foreclosure Bus Tours

In the Cleveland area is a new trend in real estate marketing, Cleveland foreclosure bus tour. A real estate
agent books a tour bus and charges $15 per person for home buyers to go to three different suburbs with homes that have been foreclosed.

In Phoenix, AZ, which has been hit hard by the mortgage crisis, has Phoenix foreclosure Bus Tours that brought together real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and rehab specialists with potential home buyers and investors to try to get the foreclosed homes purchased.

Are these bus tours a good idea? In some ways, the tours can be a good idea since it may help move foreclosed homes off of the market faster. The real question is, are these tours taking potential buyers
away from the rest of the inventory in the city? In relatively price-stable Cincinnati there are areas with more foreclosures, and the regularly listed inventory in those areas may be suffering more.

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