Downtown Cincinnati Main Library Renovation

The Cincinnati Public Library Downtown Main Library location has recently undergone a major renovation. The library is continually trying to meet the advancing technological and research needs of the public in all age groups. Under the new plan, resources previously divided among five Main Library subject departments were drawn together into the Information and Reference Department. The Popular Library was created by merging the Fiction and Films and Recordings Departments and the Atrium Collection.

An area that was greatly enhanced was the Teen and Student Department. Parents will be happy to know that there is now a program called “Homework Central” which supports the educational needs of Hamilton County primary and secondary students by providing homework assistance in person, by telephone, and via the Internet. There is also an area called “TeenSpot” which features a high-interest collection of teen print and audiovisual material, the latest technology, and an inviting and comfortably furnished floor plan that supports a wide variety of group and independent activities.

The other two areas that were improved with this renovation are the research level resources and services in local history and culture, river history, African American history, and genealogy are provided by the Genealogy and Local History Department, as well as the TechCenter which offers access to a broad spectrum of technological applications.

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