Bid My Crib – Linking Home Owners and Contractors

While at the Cincinnati Home Show we had the opportunity to see a lot of interesting vendors and contractors. As a local real estate agent I work with home owners who are renovating or updating their houses. While I have a number of contractors that I can recommend, there are other ways to locate professional help.

One one way is a company called BidMyCrib.Com The company is an online marketplace for home owners to put their home repair and improvement projects out to bid to local contractors. BidMyCrib takes the time to research the Better Business Bureau references and the insurance and bonding on all of the contractors it allows to access the system and bid on jobs. The cost is minimal – $14.95 per job, or about $40.00 per year if you have multiple jobs. The company has a minimum of one contractor for every type of job listed in their system so you should not be left wondering if someone is going to get back with you. Bids usually come in within 48 hours and you get to choose who gets the job. We always recommend asking for references and past clients, as well as checking with the BBB before hiring any contractor.

If you are renovating your home in preparation to sell it contact me right away! I can provide you insight into the current market and advise you on the ROI of your renovation investment.

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