3CDC Continues Push To Economically Improve Cincinnati

3CDC continues to work on improving the greater areas of Over The Rhine and Downtown Cincinnati. Projects are being initiated at a rapid pace, even as recent as Friday the 8th. Phase III of the Gateway Quarters project began with the demolition of an nondescript building to make way for store front retail and mixed housing that will serve the existing and future residents.

More important than building structures, the project is making the downtown area more attractive to new residents, and new businesses. Part of the economic redevelopment certainly depends on the having space for new potential employees to live. Part of the philosophical foundation for inner city redevelopment is based in the ideas of Richard Florida;s book Rise of the Creative Class. In short it says that if you have interesting, diverse living spaces, in an area surrounded with cultural activities you will attract the kind of talent that is important for luring in new businesses. People first, then industry … not the other way around.

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