Making an Informed Decision

Recently a San Diego couple filed a lawsuit against their real estate agent because as buyers they feel he did not give them sufficient information to make a competitive offer on their home. According to the post from the Today Show the agent was allegedly negligent in not telling them about other houses that sold for less, including one three doors away that has a pool and sold for $105,000 less and another that was considerably
larger that sold for $175,000 less.
A professional Cincinnati Real Estate agent should provide you with a comparable market analysis with recent sales in the surrounding area. They should be happy to answer any questions and help you form your opinion of the value of your perspective new home. Remember, this is a referral based business so it is in the best interest of the sales person to give you the best experience possible. As a consumer making a life purchase you have the right and should feel comfortable asking your real estate agent tough questions about market conditions. Much of this information is public and can be found in public records accessible to anyone. Watch the video here.

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