Registering an Out of Town Car In Ohio

If you recently purchased a home Cincinnati and are new to Ohio you will probably need to get your automobile title and drivers license transfered over. There are a few tips we learned in making the process fast, easy, and even save you money. Here are the steps to take, and where you can go to get them accomplished. Reality is you can get this all done in one day. A lot of steps in a lot of different places, but each step can be completed in under 45 minutes.

According to the Ohio BMV you will need to have on hand the following documents:
Primary and Secondary proof of identity
Proof of residency (utility bill, pay check, letter from your employer)
Current title (if you won your car outright)
Proof of Insurance

Step One: Affidavit
In Hamilton County you will need to bring the above paperwork to the Highway Patrol Drivers License Testing Facility and ask for an inspection and affidavit. They will check your automobile for Mileage and the VIN number to make sure it matches your title. Be aware that this Affidavit is only good for 30 days, and knowing when to get this inspection could save you a lot of money. While you are there you might as well go next door and take your Ohio drivers license test and get your license.

Step Two: New Title
Now that you have your Affidavit you can go downtown and get your Ohio Title. But wait … here are two opportunities to save money. First only get your Affidavit within 30 days of your current license plate expiring. In most cases this is 30 days before your birthday. Second tip is take the time to drive down to the Registrars office on or after your birthday. This way you will not have to pay a partial year of registration fees. Once you have your Title you can go get your plates.

Step Three: Plates
Now that you have your Ohio Title it is time to go get your plates. Your local Ohio BMV location should be able to get you your plates as well as offer renewal services. Just remember – if you are from out of town you may need to get a front license plate holder since Ohio law says you need licenses plated on both bumpers.

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